With the best community out there, Dark Ice brings you an epic server rivaled by none other.
We focus on design, quality, security, and most importantly our players.

What is Dark Ice?

Dark Ice is a growing community offering two worlds to satisfy almost everyone. One world uses the latest OSRS releases with private server twists to give a unique OSRS experience, while the other mixes RuneScape's best content from 317, 525, and 667. With active development, a wide range of content and activities, and one of the friendliest communities out there, Dark Ice tries to provide a high quality RuneScape private server experience.

New Content

With constant development from active developers, there is always new content for you to enjoy.


With the best RSPS community out there, be prepared to meet new friends!


View and compare stats with the community on our Highscores.

Two Worlds

World 1 has the latest OSRS content. World 2 mixes RuneScape's best content from 317 to 667.


Complete unique achievements to earn epic rewards and other bonuses to aid your quest to greatness.


Buy and sell your loot in a player controlled market. On World 1 we have Player Owned Shops, and on World 2 we have the Grand Exchange.

Other Features

Player Owned Shops

On World 1, create your own shop to sell your loot, and buy from other player's shops!

Grand Exchange

On World 2, buy and sell all of your loot the Grand Exchange. Makes getting what you want easy!

Latest OSRS Content

Defeat Zulrah, Callisto, Scorpio, Kraken, and others in World 1. Use the Tentacle whip or Shayzien armour!

All the skills

All of our skills are fully working and they work well. Build your own house and have a house party, or go party dungeoneering!

Choose how you play

Try out our Ironman modes for a new experience or challenge.

Choose how you play

On World 2, try out our Insane mode or Ironman modes for a new experience or challenge.

Join Dark Ice and embark on an epic adventure

Dark Ice

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